University Of Miami Hit With Phishing Attack

University Of Miami Hit With Phishing Attack

By Haley Schiffer

Students and faculty beware of the latest cybersecurity threat making rounds. The latest attack happened at a university that I have a connection to, the University of Miami.

After receiving a terrifying email Thursday night, I immediately checked my account to see if my passwords had been changed. The University released a statement to all students regarding a “sophisticated phishing attack” that hit the portal system. Emails were sent in an attempt to convince students to sign on to their accounts through fake links. The attackers were then able to save this information and use it to obtain personal information from students and faculty members that signed in with the fake link.

Below you will see the fake home screen.

The University of Miami is not the first school to fall victim to these malicious attacks. We recently saw a major attack on the University of Calgary, resulting in a hefty ransom payment.

Unfortunately, the ransomware epidemic has only been increasing, and there is not much to do to prevent an attack. However, there are some precautions you can take to better equip yourself and understand what to look out for. 

These attacks have encrypted information, stolen credit card numbers, addresses, and social security numbers along with lock students and facility out of systems entirely.

According to the San Francisco-Based Open DNS survey, “higher education networks were 300 percent more likely to contain malware than government organizations or business entities that faced the same cyber attacks.” (San Francisco-Based OpenDNS) The 2012 Cisco Connected World Technology Report also found that 7 out of every 10 employees knowingly break IT policies on a regular basis.

Check out your specific University’s help tools and guidelines as to how to prevent a malicious attack on your computer.

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