Tropical Storm Gordon: Tips to Prepare Your Business

Tropical Storm Gordon: Tips to Prepare Your Business

By Chris Brunau

Tropical Storm Gordon is approaching the northern Gulf Coast and is expected to make landfall as a Category 1 hurricane. A hurricane warning has been issues and residents in the area are encouraged by officials to stock up on all necessary provisions and to move to a safer location. After securing one’s personal safety and home, it’s also important to take into account the impact Gordon could have on local businesses. If time allows, preparing one’s business will help those impacted get back to work following the storm.

Here are a few business continuity tips for local businesses as this storm approaches:

  • Create a phone tree for your organization and stay in touch.
  • Have a plan and contingencies.
    • What do you need to take from your office?
    • How will you support your customers, and from where?
  • Send out the storm plan to your employees, customers and partners. Include a communications schedule and stick to it.
    • Send an update to employees every few hours with what you know and don’t know.
    • Send updates to customers, partners and suppliers with updates that affect them regularly.
  • If your business cannot withstand a period of lengthy downtime, secure a facility further inland for you and your employees or ensure everyone is able to work remotely.
  • Tropical storms can put data centers out of commission. Make sure your business data, backups, applications, and server images are stored off-site.
    • Your IT professionals will be able to restore systems either virtually via the cloud or at the site where you’re resuming operations.
    • If time allows, test the backups of crucial servers before the storm hits.

To highlight some quick facts about the current hurricane season and how these storms can negatively impact your business, we put together an infographic. Check it out below! For more tips and information on how to protect from natural disasters, check out our eBook: The Natural Disaster Survival Guide For Businesses.

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