Choose a Collaboration Solution Designed for the MSP

Choose a Collaboration Solution Designed for the MSP

By Adina Schoeneman

Employee productivity today is more collaborative and mobile than ever. In order to keep your client’s businesses running in this fast-paced and mobile world, it is critical to equip employees with the right technology and business tools.

File sync and share technology enables workers to access corporate content from anywhere, at any time. As innovative technology spurs greater collaboration, it’s a valid concern for organizations to keep up, while at the same time ensuring critical business data is kept safe.

A Gartner Research report estimated that only 7 to 18 percent of organizations are successful at deploying new digital ways of work across their workforces. At the same time, the technology chosen for a client’s collaboration needs is at the heart of an organization’s daily workflow.

As an MSP, it is critical to choose a collaboration solution to not only enable client efficiencies but also enable you, as the managed service provider, to adequately support your clients. Here are two critical features to consider:

  1. Multi-tenant Management: There are many file sync and share solutions on the market that are consumer-based, or initially designed for the consumer. While that can make for an easy onboarding process, there are many downsides to settling with a consumer-grade collaboration product. Your client’s business runs on critical data, and it is important to ensure its security. With an IT channel-centric collaboration solution, such as Datto Workplace, you have access to a multi-tenant platform where partners can manage multiple organizations from one central location. Imagine storage management, provisioning, and administration, across all clients, from one online portal. It’s that simple.
  2. Sophisticated Threat Detection and Management: You can ask anyone in the IT space and they will agree that ransomware is everywhere and it’s never been more critical to take extra measures to protect and safeguard your data. For small to medium-size businesses, this is no exception. As an MSP, your clients rely on you for your full support and technical expertise. If a client is working across several file locations and platforms that are out of your control, it’s impossible to guarantee complete safety of critical business data. With a solution deployed by the MSP, complete control and one repository of data makes it easier to keep business data safe. An extra layer of security is obtainable when the collaboration solution contains proactive built-in security controls, such as Datto Workplace’s ransomware monitoring and management feature. Incoming threats are automatically detected, tracked, and reverted back to safety immediately, eliminating disruption to business productivity.

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