The Top 5 Challenges for MSPs in 2017

The Top 5 Challenges for MSPs in 2017

By Chris Brunau

As a channel-only company, working with our MSP partners is a cornerstone at Datto. Ensuring our partners are set up for success is part of every decision we make. For us to serve our partners best, it’s important we understand as much about them as possible.

In addition to regularly speaking with our partners, we decided to turn to a survey to learn even more about them. Recently, Datto surveyed nearly 1,200 MSPs about their day-to-day lives, both business and personal. The result: a wealth of statistics, covering everything from education and income to media consumption and go-to business resources. One of the focuses of the survey was determining the most common pain points for our partners and how we can ease those worries in their lives. Here are some of their top concerns:

  1. Marketing and Sales: The majority of MSPs struggle with a strong lead generation strategy in their marketing plan.

  2. Selling BDR: The state of the economy and declining budgets are constant hurdles to overcome during the MSP sales process.

  3. Staffing and training: Recruiting technical talent is the biggest staffing challenge for MSPs of any size. Training and retention are also common struggles for this group.

  4. Growing pains: As MSPs grow, the lack of time and resources prove to be their biggest challenge. Many find it difficult to delegate duties to manage sudden growth and, as a result, operational efficiency tends to suffer.

  5. Ransomware and cybersecurity: The headline hogger of 2016 isn’t going anywhere. MSPs struggle to keep clients informed and aware of how to avoid the nasty malware threat.

For some more common pain points, check out a graphic from the report below!

Source: Datto's 2017 State of the MSP Report

Source: Datto's 2017 State of the MSP Report

If you’re interested in learning even more about the makeup of the MSP community in 2017, download the entire report today. It’s full of lifestyle information, news consumption, and a some fun bits of information about the lives of Datto partners.

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