The Majority of Top-Tier Datto Partners Are Utilizing NFRs...Are You?

The Majority of Top-Tier Datto Partners Are Utilizing NFRs...Are You?

By Samantha Ciaccia

The Not for Resale (NFR) Program is a valuable benefit of the Datto Global Partner Program, where you can purchase certain products at a discounted rate, determined by your partner tier. These products can be utilized in your own internal business environment, leveraged during pre-sales demos to showcase value to prospects, for internal training of technical team members, and more.

Datto’s top tier Blue partners are leveraging the Datto NFR Program to help them win deals...

  • 78 percent of Blue partners have BCDR NFRs
  • 88 percent of Blue partners have Networking NFRs
  • 51 percent of Blue partners have SaaS NFRs

"Ancero is a Blue partner out of New Jersey, and we utilize the Datto NFR program in a number of ways. Most importantly, it's an essential part of our sales process to demonstrate the technology right in front of our prospects and show them the tangible value of the solution we're selling. We've definitely closed new business through this methodology and find the NFR Program very effective. We also display and demo Datto NFR devices at exhibit booths at events for educational purposes." - Scott Zadina, Ancero. 

Key Benefits of Datto’s NFR Program:

  • Discounted Datto products for all four tier levels of the partner program
  • A low-risk way to try new Datto products that you have not evaluated yet
  • The ability to showcase Datto solutions cost-effectively
  • Partner empowerment to drive sales and increase revenue
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Product education for partners’ internal team members
  • An easy way for partners to protect their own business data
  • Provide premier support to your clients

To take advantage of the program and utilize NFRs in your sales process, reach out to your Channel Account Manager or email

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