The Essential Cybersecurity Toolkit For SMBs: Employee Training

The Essential Cybersecurity Toolkit For SMBs: Employee Training

By Chris Brunau

According to over 1,000 IT service providers surveyed, the lack of cybersecurity awareness amongst employees is a leading cause of a successful ransomware attack against an SMB. 

Employee training is a top component of a successful cybersecurity protection program. This sort of program is likely the only way to ensure all staff understand the cyber threats they face and, most importantly, what they should look for to avoid them.

Cyber Scams 101

In 2016, it has been estimated that roughly 80 percent of U.S. companies have suffered a cyber attack of some kind, with 47 percent experiencing a “ransomware incident.”

At the root of the majority of ransomware attacks is social engineering, which involves manipulating a person or persons in order to access corporate systems and private information. Social engineering plays into human nature’s inclination to trust. For hackers, it is the easiest method for obtaining access to a private system. After all, why would anyone spend the time trying to guess someone’s password when they can simply ask for it themselves?

Let’s help employees help themselves. We’ve put together an entire eBook full of tips and advice for training employees on how to protect their company. To learn more including real-life examples of scams and a cybersecurity checklist, download our eBook: The Essential Cybersecurity Toolkit for SMBs.

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