The 7 Deadly Sins of MSPs

The 7 Deadly Sins of MSPs

By Chris Brunau

If you typically follow Datto’s content, then you are familiar with some of our tips and tricks to help MSPs serve clients as best as possible. With this latest piece, we thought outside the box a little. We came up with the Deadly Sins of MSPs to tell you exactly what NOT to do. Let’s take a look at a few of them below:

  1. Evaluating new technology in front of clients: Potential clients should never be used as guinea pigs to test new technology. While testing technology on your client’s dime might seem attractive, there’s a lot of risk involved. Even if they’re testing it during a trial period, what if it goes badly? You would likely lose the business anyway, as it’s much harder to recover your reputation from there. New technology might also be more complex than you originally imagined once it’s up and running for a client. There will likely be unanticipated learning curves and hurdles to overcome.

  2. Forgoing RMM and PSA Tools: A Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution handles the business side of client relations, recording client information, completed work, and automatically creating invoices. A Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) solution enables MSPs to monitor endpoints, networks and computers remotely and proactively. For today’s MSPs, implementing Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) software is no longer a “do I or don’t I?” situation. It’s crucial to have these internal tools in place to successfully fulfill your obligations as a trusted IT advisor to businesses. Without RMM and PSA solutions in place, clients are at a higher and unnecessary risk of data loss and downtime, which means your business is also on the line.

  3. Neglecting sales efforts: The majority of MSPs struggle with the sales game - it’s not in everyone’s blood. IT providers are typically more technical by nature. MSPs are less inclined to be as enthusiastic about cold calling as they are about fixing broken technologies. It is critical for MSPs to understand the importance of sales efforts. So shake things up a bit. Don’t present the same product in the same way to clients, particularly if you haven’t had luck closing recent deals. So how are today’s successful MSPs selling their services? Check out this great eBook, Sales Made MSPeasy, and breathe some life into your sales pitches.

  4. Partnering with the wrong tech vendor: It is easy to become overwhelmed with the day-to-day operations at your MSP. Whether it be onboarding new clients, providing technical support, or creating marketing campaigns, there is always work to be done. During hectic periods, it is easy to fall behind on market trends and new technologies. A big mistake many MSPs make is not dedicating enough time to vendor evaluation. A typical MSP response to this: “I don’t have the time to tackle that kind of evaluation right now.” However, choosing the wrong technology partner for your business needs can be detrimental to the success of you and your customers. The wrong tech vendor could result in an MSP falling behind the competition and lacking the resources and training they need to be successful.

If you’ve found these tips helpful, we have even more where that came from. In our new eBook, the Deadly Sins of MSPs, we teach MSPs what to avoid. If you want to learn the value of evaluating technology internally before presenting, why you shouldn’t slash prices, and the pitfalls of a poor vendor, download the new eBook today.

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