Innovations Datto Partners are Most Excited About

Innovations Datto Partners are Most Excited About

By David Kazibut

Yesterday was a BIG day for Datto. During the keynote presentation at our annual Partner Conference in New Orleans, we unveiled five product innovations - all aimed at providing even more value to our partners. (If you missed the announcements, check out yesterday’s news release to get the scoop.)

We took some time post-keynote to get the reaction from the partner community, here’s what they said:

On Datto’s entrance into the router market:

“Other vendors out there don’t have a true in the cloud solution. I feel like router vendors haven’t done anything new and interesting and I want something disruptive. Datto has been disruptive in what they create and in the end this will make everyone better. I think it’s going to go well.”
– Jeremy Koellish, COO TekTegrity

On the ability to protect more data out in the field:

“The ownCloud capabilities are very interesting to me. I have a customer with remote laptops and that customer recently suffered data loss, literally losing all their work from one of the laptops. There was no easy way to back up those laptops. Now there is.”
– Joe Wright, Owner, Central Pa Technologies

On protecting data in Office 365:

“Out of all the product announcements, the Microsoft Office 365 backup was most interesting to me because it will instantly help me increase my revenue. As a Microsoft Gold partner, I’m currently moving a lot of my customers to Office 365 and now I can easily back them up. Office 365 backup is another great line item for us to offer my clients.”
– Shann Bosnell, Technology VP, TUC Managed IT Solutions

On Datto’s Updated Partner Portal:

“I liked seeing the shift in attention for the new partner portal. The portal can help me control operational costs better which in general makes it more compelling for partners to stay with Datto.”
– Andrew Hutchison, Senior Consultant, BlackPoint IT Solutions

On announcing 5 new products and enhancements – all from one keynote:

“Impressive and aggressive! No resting on laurels for Datto”
–  Mike Bucciero, Director of Managed Services, Dynamic Strategies, Inc.
“Great additions to the portfolio”
– David Wickboldt, President of Human Technology Solutions Inc.

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