The Business Made MSPeasy Success Kit: Sales

The Business Made MSPeasy Success Kit: Sales

By Chris Brunau

If you’re an MSP looking to gain an edge in sales, you’ve come to the right place. In general, most managed services providers (MSPs) have a technical background rather than one in business or sales. Many MSP shops struggle with these critical aspects of running a successful business. Growing a business is obviously important, especially when just getting started in the managed services space. While some growth might occur organically through word of mouth, this isn’t going to guarantee you consistent new business, even if you deliver great services.

One of the key steps is to develop a sales process. This can be referred to as a sales pipeline, is another essential step towards sales success. The specifics will differ from business to business, but generally speaking, a sales process is a repeatable set of steps salespeople follow to move potential clients from an prospect to a customer. The stages of the sales process typically include:

  • Lead generation/prospecting: This is the process of generating and qualifying leads. This may involve researching potential clients, cold calling, and inbound marketing efforts such as blogging and social media, attending networking events, etc.
  • Initial contact: The goal of initial contact is to to gather information about the company’s specific needs and further qualify the lead’s potential to become a customer.
  • Technical presentation: This stage is formal presentation or demonstration of what is being sold. For new customers, it might feature a number of technologies depending on the customer’s specific needs. This step is reserved for well qualified leads.
  • Close: Closing the deal includes getting buy-in from decision makers, negotiating price, etc.

So there is a glimpse of content from the MSP Success Kit, but there is so much more to see. To learn more, you can download the full Business Made MSPeasy Success Kit for free here.

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