The Benefits of an Integrated PSA and VoIP Platform

The Benefits of an Integrated PSA and VoIP Platform

By John Newton

John Newton is a Regional Sales Manager for Unified Office. With over twenty years of experience in the Telecommunications/VoIP industry, John has an in-depth knowledge of network and cloud solutions for MSPs, service providers, MSOs, large enterprise, and SMB customers.

As business is being conducted online or over the phone more than ever before, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) find that automation is crucial in today’s environment. When a customer has a need or problem, they want to talk to someone! Incorporating tools that enable you to provide faster problem resolution and a better experience for your customers gives you a distinct competitive advantage. That’s why Unified Office integrated the Total Connect Now™(TCN™) hybrid-cloud VoIP platform with Datto’s Autotask PSA -- when your phone rings, you instantly know which customer is calling, allowing you to respond rapidly and more effectively to their needs.

This integration ties an MSP’s business management platform with a powerful VoIP communications service to increase operational efficiency, capture more revenue, avoid revenue losses, enhance customer experience, and reduce expenses. No more long wait times while your customer service agents are searching for account information or trouble ticket data that can lead to lost clients and revenue. With our simple to use Virtual Communications Console (VCC) panel, new users will easily transition from receiving calls on their phone to instant engagement with a customer on their desktop.

While it may seem daunting to install and set up a new VoIP service, it doesn’t have to be. All end-user information is collected upfront and equipment arrives pre-configured. During service activation, we ensure all necessary connectivity to Autotask PSA is in place and working properly. We also provide any training needed and we will be with you every step of the way. After the quick setup process, you’ll have one-click access to valuable customer data and capabilities, such as:

  • Contact name, account information, and call history via the VCC screen pop:
  • Active trouble tickets with priority and caller ID including the ability to open a new ticket:
  • Drag and drop calls to another user, one-click transfer, or one-click park:

Unified Office’s patented HQRP™ hybrid cloud network means no more garbled voice calls, distorted on-hold messages, or confusing after-hours messages thus reducing customer frustration. HQRP™ delivers a high-quality voice call every time and is only available on our award-winning Total Connect Now™ platform. Integrated LTE backup gives you peace of mind should your Internet suffer from intermittent outages and/or quality problems. Multiple levels of redundancy (switches/carriers) ensure business continuity, and infinite scalability in our private cloud means your customer calls get through every time. Real-time reports and call analytics can be accessed on any smart device, including M2M data such as production volume levels in a manufacturing facility or temperature sensors in a quick-serve restaurant.Our unique architecture is the result of the team’s collective 150 years of experience in both the telecommunications service provider and large enterprise data networking industries. We provide customers with reliable, high-quality voice communication products and services, topped off with simple, elegant, and easy-to-use value-added services and applications that help customers improve the effectiveness of their business operations. Quality, dependability, innovation, and superior customer support are core to Unified Office’s values. 

With Unified Office’s worry-free 24x7 premier managed service, coupled with a robust Autotask PSA integration, you’re sure to have the pertinent info you need when communicating with your clients.

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