Test Your Readiness IQ

Test Your Readiness IQ

By Chris Brunau

Business owners may think they know the ins and outs when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR). However, there may be some factors you’re overlooking. Donna Childs, disaster recovery expert and founder of Prisere LLC, put together a Disaster Readiness IQ test to help business owners determine how much they know about the risks they face.

1. In any given year, how many businesses will experience a disruption lasting more than a day?

2. How many businesses will not reopen following a disaster?

3. If you can’t get your business back online within five business days of a disruption, what are the odds that your business will survive?

4. How many business owners worry about the loss of unrecoverable stored data and information of their companies?

5. How many businesses have a written business continuity plan?

6. What are the most common reasons that small and medium-sized businesses fail to take measures for business continuity planning?

7. How many work-hours does the typical small business lose each year when IT systems fail and employees cannot access their files?

8. What is the average cost of hourly downtime when employees cannot access their computer data?

9. There are additional costs when small businesses lose access to their data, costs that are more difficult to quantify. What are they?

10. How many outages does the average small business experience each year?

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