Test Your Business Continuity Plan

Test Your Business Continuity Plan

By Chris Brunau

So, you have a business continuity plan, great. But does it work?

According to a survey from The Hartford, 59% of businesses have a formal, documented business continuity plan, but only a third of those plans are tested. 33% have an informal plan that’s verbal and undocumented, and 8% have no plan at all.

While your best option is to of course have some type of documented plan, how helpful is that plan if you have never tested it to make sure when disaster strikes, you’ll be back up and running in as little time as possible?

When you look at the biggest downtime threats, there’s a very high chance you’re vulnerable at some point, so it’s imperative to have a sure-fire BC plan.

An untested plan could be a little too risky. It’s an outdated approach, and rightfully so.

Much like the use of tape backup, you may not know if it’s successful until it’s too late. It’s great that you have a plan, but not knowing if it works can potentially nullify the value.

Without the proper measures and precautions, what’s the real value if it isn’t tested and guaranteed?

In addition to backups, regularly testing your BC plan is also a good approach. Being familiar with your recovery protocol, personal responsibilities, and expected length of downtime can be very beneficial.

However, for some businesses It can be very time consuming and cumbersome to develop and test a strategy, so why leave the burden on yourself when you can outsource your IT to an MSP who will keep you up to date and secure?

Whether you handle it in-house or you have an MSP, proper preparation and testing will go a long way.

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