Tech Tips from a Datto Tech Support Manager

Tech Tips from a Datto Tech Support Manager

By Melissa Stanton

For this week’s Technical Podcast, Kevin Williams and Jason Elston are discussing various aspects of the Datto partner experience, and how Tech Support is constantly improving to better serve our partners. According to Jason, efficiency is one of the main goals. This allows faster resolution, making the entire process easier on partners. Thanks to Datto’s Customer Experience team, there is a greater initiative to bring a personalized aspect to partners. This involves closely understanding our partners and their customers, therefore serving them more effectively.

“I feel it’s incredibly rewarding for us to have a real partnership. We say partner for a reason, because that’s how we feel about the people that we work with. I want them walking away feeling satisfied,” said Jason.

Jason also says it’s amazing when he gets positive feedback from partners about the the techs he supervises.

The support team learns from their various experiences and values the feedback they received from surveys. According to Jason, it allows them to shape the ideal support experience.

To learn more about how Datto Tech Support serves our partners, as well as some of Jason’s more unusual support stories, listen to the podcast.

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