[Podcast] Technical Tips for the Datto Onboarding Process

[Podcast] Technical Tips for the Datto Onboarding Process

By Melissa Stanton

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Welcome to Datto’s very first Technical Tips Podcast. This podcast series will focus on providing the MSP with the necessary information and advice needed to be a successful and growing Datto partner. Purchasing the device is only the first step of the experience - this podcast will dive into the other parts of the process, including meeting the Partner Success Manager and getting the most out of the Technical Support Department.  There will be three podcasts in this series, and the first includes getting to know the point of contact at Datto.

Podcast hosts are Kevin Williams, Datto Partner Success Engineer and Jackson Camp, Datto Technical Trainer.

Where does the Partner Journey begin?
For an MSP, the Datto journey begins with the Partner Success Manager. Each MSP has their own specific Partner Success Manager that will maintain a relationship built on assistance and guidance. The partner success manager is essential to the onboarding process. They will facilitate the initial Q&A session and ensure that the MSP is ready to deal with the Datto device on a daily basis.

Who is the Partner Success Engineer and what do they do?
After the initial installation and White Glove process, the MSP will then interact with the Partner Success Engineer. An even more informative Q&A session will take place in which the Partner Success Engineer will go over the configurations for the device as well as answer any questions that the MSP may have that he or she was not able to ask the Sales Engineer. The MSP can expect a follow-up after this session to be sure that all information was absorbed.

What is a primary resource used by both Partners and Support Technicians?
The Knowledge Base, located on the partner portal, is the one of the most helpful resources offered by Datto.  In many cases, the Knowledge Base serves as the central location for answers to questions the MSP may have. Fortunately, the newly-redesigned Knowledge Base now features a search function, so finding the appropriate articles has never been simpler. If the Knowledge Base is not sufficient, Datto’s 24/7 Technical Support team is always here to help.

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