The Benefits of Deploying Datto Workplace With Hybrid Capabilities

The Benefits of Deploying Datto Workplace With Hybrid Capabilities

By Ryan North

Tech Beats is a series on Datto’s MSP Beat blog that features insights from the technical minds on the Datto team. In this series, you’ll find technical how-tos, product details, and more. For the past nine years, Ryan North has been a Solutions Engineer at Datto, Inc. Ryan specializes in Datto File Protection and Datto Workplace.

Each managed service provider (MSP) is different, so different MSPs prefer different deployment methods for their products. For MSPs providing their clients with a file sync and share tool, Datto Workplace offers a hybrid deployment option that makes files accessible via Workplace in the cloud as well as a local, centralized data storage repository. This gives MSPs the ability to bridge legacy hardware to cloud and sync with their Workplace account.

The native Hybrid Model is unique to the Datto Workplace platform—other file sync and share solutions require third-party software or plugins to accomplish it. This feature is critical in the success of MSPs using Datto Workplace due to the dynamic change in clients’ infrastructures and demand for easier access to files (compared with the complexity of VPN tunnels).

Datto Workplace’s Hybrid Model brings a tremendous amount of flexibility for the MSP and their clients, even if a client is still heavily invested in legacy hardware infrastructures like servers or NAS devices. Users can access files that reside on their on-prem hardware but with the ease Workplace on the desktop application, web browser, or mobile).

Datto Workplace can convert a local folder to a Workplace project/folder, making implementation fast and easy. This gives MSPs the opportunity to have easier, more approachable conversations around adoption and moving into a solution like Datto Workplace. By permitting a seamless migration, the server agent makes all files readily available with a familiar, easy-to-use interface that accelerates adoption from end users. Learn more about the deployable server agent here.

The server agent not only propagates locking alerts from both the local side where the Server/NAS reside to the cloud, but also from the cloud back to the Server/NAS. This can bring about the opportunity for conversations around the cost-effective strategies for partners and their clients on who exactly needs a license to work within the connected environment. This is vastly opposite to the forced competitor methodology of forcing everyone to have a license to work with the hosted repository as it must reside only in the cloud.

Industry trends show a mass migration from legacy systems to cloud-based systems, which has been accelerated by the global pandemic. Being able to expand through Datto’s MSP-centric model, these flexible options for both partner and customer make for some excellence within the Workplace Sync solution.

To learn more about Datto Workplace and how it can bring organization and ease of use to collaboration for your clients, schedule a demo today.


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