Talk Nerdy to Me: The Datto RoundTrip

Talk Nerdy to Me: The Datto RoundTrip

By Kevin Williams

The RoundTrip process is a critical component to the onboarding process at Datto. This is where we seed our partner's first backup images into the Datto Cloud. 

By the end of December in 2016, we closed out the year with almost 16,000 RoundTrip drives shipped globally. In this episode, I got a sneak peek inside our Pennsylvania data center to see a day in the life of Datto's RoundTrip Team.

In March of 2016, the RoundTrip department celebrated a milestone with their 50,000th RoundTrip. Check out our infographic to learn more

For even more information on the Datto RoundTrip process, listen to our recent podcast featuring Bill Chellis, RoundTrip Manager

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