Surviving a Ransomware Attack

Surviving a Ransomware Attack

By Chris Brunau

When it comes to ransomware, IT professionals are constantly looking for the best solution to protect their data and avoid being crippled by the latest attack. However, according to an assistant special agent for the FBI, your best bet may actually be to pay the ransom.

While it isn’t the official stance of the FBI, it’s still an alarming answer coming from a position of authority on the issue.

This brings up a particularly tough situation. With ransom costs coming in anywhere up to $10,000, do you really want to be subjecting yourself to this type of situation? And in the event you pay, there’s no guarantee you get your data back uncorrupted and safe. Instead, a better option is to be prepared and always have your data secured and backed up.

Luckily, the FBI has provided more substantial tips on how you can protect yourself from ransomware. While the tips include simple suggestions like having strong passwords, antivirus software and popup blockers, they also recommend backing up your files. No surprise there.

As is the case with most things, it comes down to being prepared and having a plan in place to protect your data. Cryptowall, the most prevalent form of ransomware, has cost victims roughly $18 million from April 2014 to June 2015, according to the FBI.

While the FBI doesn’t make official recommendations for what a business should do if they are hit with ransomware, some of the suggestions include reverting to a backup, contact a security professional, or pay. With these options, why wouldn’t you have a proper backup solution in place?

As always, taking the proper precautions is the best way to protect yourself from any form of ransomware. In the event you’re attacked, the best way to avoid paying a ransom is to have a proper business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution featuring up-to-date backups. This will allow you to restore your data to a point in time before the infection, and retain your precious data. To learn more about all things ransomware, including the common types, how it is spread and how to prevent it, download our eBook: The Business Guide To Ransomware.

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