Hear The Latest from Datto Support

Hear The Latest from Datto Support

By Ian O'Brien

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Today’s podcast was hosted by Datto Senior Vice President of Business Development, Rob May. Rob was the founder and CEO at Backupify, which Datto acquired in late 2014. Rob’s guest this week was Sue Melfi. As Vice President of Technical Support, Sue is in charge of ensuring Datto delivers world class partner support 24/7/365. Today’s post includes tips from Sue on how partners can get the best service from Datto and what she and her team have in store for the rest of 2015.

Listen to the full interview on iTunes to hear the complete interview with Sue.

Sue talking about tips for partners that can help ensure a smooth support experience:

“Have their ticket number available if possible. We’re also routing, trying to get people to open up tickets with us via the web form as opposed to the support@datto email address. It helps us to capture more information about what their problem is ... what problem they’re reporting and therefore more information we have, the faster we can go about getting them a response.”

On what is changing and improving this year with regards to the support team:

“We are looking at another way to measure customer satisfaction and that’s the net promoter system. Essentially what net promoter score does is it helps us to look at who our promoters are, who the detractors are and ask them specifically what we can be doing better to support them which will then trigger some process improvement on our side. It’s something that is very well respected in the industry and we’re looking to launch that before the end of the year.”

Sue discussing her favorite management book and the insights it provides that todays partners can apply as they scale their own businesses:

High Output Management. I had the good fortune to work for somebody who worked for Andy Grove and a lot of lessons learned from him just about putting your trust and building your leadership team, making sure that the strategy is clear, everybody is on the same page and then ways to measure and manage people effectively is what helps you get to the goal.”

Listen to the full interview on iTunes to hear the complete interviews with Sue.

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