What Do The Most Successful MSPs Have In Common?

What Do The Most Successful MSPs Have In Common?

By Ian O'Brien

Hint: It Isn’t Backup

Mere data backup is no longer sufficient for businesses that depend on their critical data and systems every minute of every day. Today’s businesses, whether it’s a local real estate office to a multi-site enterprise, need true automated business continuity. As an extension, today’s MSPs must be there to deliver and manage the business continuity solutions.

Don’t get me wrong, backup is imperative. Without a valid backup system in place, businesses are at tremendous risk. However, backup alone will not keep a business running should an interruption occur. When a server crashes at a business location, is it acceptable that all operations come to a halt? Absolutely not.

Today’s most successful MSPs are addressing this shift from backup only to business continuity by offering Business Continuity as a Service. What solutions does your MSP business have in its arsenal to address this growing demand from businesses? It may be a good time to perform an analysis of what you’re bringing to the table.

Datto has addressed five key points to consider in going to market with a business continuity offering, including:

  1. Sell a hybrid on-premise/cloud solution. The best approach is a hybrid one that first executes backups quickly on a local appliance and then uploads images to the cloud—where they can be ready for immediate recovery and use no matter what.
  2. Provide full image-based system protection. Image-based solutions, on the other hand, enable complete recovery of the server, operating system, application and data files necessary to restore essential IT services right away.
  3. Offer a low, predicable cost. To keep customers loyal and happy, it’s essential to keep costs fixed and predictable, month in and month out.
  4. Apply the right model for each customer. It’s important to use the same core technology across all types of customers’ installs. This will keep your margins high and your training costs low, while optimizing the reliability of your services across your installed base.
  5. Partner with the right vendor. Partner with a vendor who supports all your needs, from superior technology, partner enablement programs, to award-winning technical support.

For more details on the five points, read the “5 Keys to Successfully Sell Business Continuity as a Service” executive brief.

Today’s most successful MSPs are poised to deliver Business Continuity as a Service. Are you one of them? 

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