Streamline Billing with Autotask PSA and ConnectBooster

Streamline Billing with Autotask PSA and ConnectBooster

By Ryan Goodman

Ryan Goodman is the President and Co-Founder of ConnectBooster. With over 10 years in the IT Channel, he has helped thousands of MSPs improve their cash flow by shifting their business’ billing systems from “recurring invoicing” models to recurring automated payments. In addition, he’s recently expanded his role to help MSPs scale their businesses using fewer resources through strategic partnership opportunities via ConnectBooster’s partner program, Rev.

The ease with which a managed service provider (MSP) handles billing can make or break its ability to grow. An inefficient billing system can lead to late payments that bloat aging accounts receivable (A/R), time-consuming accounting tasks that don’t scale effectively, and ultimately, a poor customer experience. What’s more, for a business that empowers its clients to pay by credit card, processing fees can dramatically cut into profitability as it scales.

ConnectBooster was created to solve these common billing problems that hinder so many managed service providers from claiming predictable and scalable recurring revenue from their ongoing monthly agreements. Designed to answer MSPs’ unique needs, ConnectBooster is the Channel’s gold standard accounts receivables automation tool.

By directly integrating with Autotask PSA, commonly used accounting tools, and other top ecosystem software, ConnectBooster automatically collects clients’ payments based on pre-set rules and contracts in Autotask PSA - even those with variable billing. Then, it reconciles that data with the accounting package. Through its customer-facing payment portal, MSPs’ clients are given full transparency to view invoice history and manage Automated Clearing House (ACH) and credit card payments.

MSPs that utilize ConnectBooster find that they shrink their aging A/R by 30 days or more within just a few months of implementation, all while saving 8-20 hours/month by automating redundant data-entry and communications around collections. In addition, by implementing the ACH “cash discount” feature, most ConnectBooster partners are able to recoup processing fees and improve their margins with clients who prefer to self-finance using a credit card, such that the tool completely pays for itself - and then some.

Key Benefits to ConnectBooster’s Platform

  • Maximize cash flow by eliminating outstanding accounts receivables
  • Save time with zero-touch accounting automation
  • Easily accept credit cards and ACH payments
  • Reduce or even eliminate overhead fees associated with collections
  • Implement worry-free,100% PCI compliance
  • Improve customer experience and relationships
  • Enjoy US-based, five-star customer support
  • Integrate seamlessly with other critical tools in your existing software stack

Integration Features

  • Seamless autopay with variable contract-driven billing from tools like CSP Boss, Datto RMM, and more
  • Synchronized Autotask PSA contacts and email addresses for an easy client login
  • Automate Past Due invoice and statement email reminders
  • Collect one-time payments instantly or schedule future payments
  • Safely store client’s preferred payment methods through a 24/7 custom-branded billing portal
  • View and print identical Autotask invoice template copies
  • Automatically update customer credit cards for expired cards, saving time and reducing fees
  • Offer end-user announcements and upsells through custom Ad Cards in your customer portal

If you want to build trust with customers and remove the barriers preventing them from paying on-time every month, see how Autotask PSA users are transforming their billing process.

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