SMB Trends All MSPs Should Know

SMB Trends All MSPs Should Know

By Chris Brunau

Datto’s SMB Market Report for MSPs is comprised of statistics pulled from a survey of 1,100+ small and medium businesses (SMBs) across the United States. This report highlights the technology trends, challenges, and buying patterns of these businesses. Additionally, it provides research-based insights on SMB attitudes towards managed services as a whole. (These results were taken prior to the remote shift due to the global health crisis.) 

Datto’s SMB Market Report for MSPs is based on a study commissioned by Datto, Inc. with Strategy Analytics. Survey respondents were recruited via professional B2B research panels and asked to complete a 15-minute online survey. Respondents were from the United States and identified as decision-makers for IT solutions at small and medium businesses with 10-300 employees.

  • SMBs Agree, IT Helps Them Succeed: 95 percent of SMBs agree that IT helps their business succeed, but 45 percent of SMBs view IT mainly as a cost center. SMBs see IT as a strategic partner to their business efforts. When pitching to new prospects, rather than focusing on the technical aspects of IT, speak to the impact IT can have towards their business growth.
  • 3 in 10 SMBs Outsource a Portion of IT: SMBs with internal-only IT as well as those with co-managed IT cover more than half of the SMBs surveyed. Specifically, SMBs with fewer than 100 employees are most likely to favor a 100% outsourced model. MSPs should focus on this group first. It’s important to note that as this group of SMBs grow, they increasingly adopt a co-managed model.
  • Co-Managed IT on the Rise: Outsourcing IT is not a new concept for US-based SMBs. The shift to co-managed IT is a more recent trend, with companies outsourcing a portion of their IT while retaining in-house IT staff. Common services for co-managed IT include tier 1 or tier 2 helpdesk or areas where the business requires additional support, such as cybersecurity or cloud infrastructure.

To learn more about the SMB trends, check out the full report. You’ll learn the top pain points for SMBs, why SMBs choose to outsource, security and technical challenges, and more! Download it today.

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