SIRIS 3 X1: SIRIS Functionality At Flash Speed

SIRIS 3 X1: SIRIS Functionality At Flash Speed

By Andrew Burton

One of the products announced yesterday, the SIRIS 3 X1, is our first foray into flash storage for BDR. The X1 is a 1 TB, single-license, all-flash BDR with full SIRIS 3 functionality. The X1 allows MSPs to deliver business continuity with very high performance to customers with single license backup needs.

Flash, also known as solid-state storage, is an alternative to traditional hard drives that stores data on chips rather than on spinning magnetic disks. It offers higher performance than hard drives and is less prone to mechanical failures because there are no moving parts. However, it’s high cost has kept it out of the mainstream for business applications. Until very recently, it was typically only used as a cache to accelerate performance for transactional workloads that require very high IOPS (input/output per second). However, that has changed in recent years as the price of flash drives continues to fall, due to manufacturing efficiencies and improvements in flash controller firmware. Today’s relatively affordable flash drives allow Datto to sell X1 at an aggressive price point.

Modern data protection products like Datto’s allow users to run production workloads from backup copies of virtual machines. Datto’s version of this technology is known as Instant Virtualization. This type of technology, often called “instant recovery” or “recovery in place” has widely been praised for its ability to dramatically reduce downtime. However, running applications from a backup device inevitably comes along with some decrease in performance. Flash storage offers very high performance for local Instant Virtualization during restores. It is for this reason, we believe that flash storage will have an important place in the data protection space in the future as flash continues to become more affordable.

X1 features a single SanDisk 1TB flash drive, 16GB inline RAM, and a dual core Intel processor in the same form factor as our ALTO device. It is a great entry point into the SIRIS platform, and because many of our partners’ clients have single-license backup needs, it fills an important niche. Perhaps the best part of the SIRIS 3 X1? All of Datto’s partners attending DattoCon got to take one home!

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