Silence Of The Servers

Silence Of The Servers

By Michaela Scampoli

Silence of the Lambs is a film that often induces cringe worthy memories about moths and wells- to touch upon the less gory. But as creepy as it was, the psychological thriller/horror film was deemed a sleeper hit when it rocked theaters in the early 90s- winning 5 Academy Awards. No one saw it coming when the film was initially released. At Datto, we’re all too familiar with the unexpected. We have no idea when major natural disasters will cripple businesses or simple technical human errors will hinder flow.

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve pulled together some spooky statistics around companies who forgo business continuity solutions. (cue creepy music)

RIP Revenue
According to Eastern Kentucky University Department of Safety, Security, and Emergency Management, the average loss for a small to medium-sized business during a natural disaster is $3,000…per day. That makes for a pretty bone-chilling bank account.

Wicked Workers
Of all the things that go bump in the night, employees are actually the biggest threat to your data, causing 45% of downtime. Unintentional deletion is common, and companies find themselves at a loss when looking for important information. Then there are the disgruntled employees, who are purposeful in their actions. The damage they do can haunt you long after they depart.

Petrifying Proximities
A strong business continuity plan would put your data on servers that are not central to your HQ. Shockingly, only 4 of every 10 businesses store data in a secure, second location. If a disaster strikes, there’s no secure second copy elsewhere. Yikes.

Hellish Hackers
A recent Forbes article stated that 3 of every 5 hacks are targeted at SMBs. These hacks are destroying data, and even holding it hostage. Malware, like Cryptolocker, is becoming a popular way to drain companies funds by holding data hostage until the ransom is paid. If the ransom isn’t paid, it can be deadly for your data.

Bogeymen Businesses
Many SMBs don’t have access to huge financial resources, as they are still growing. Since many don’t carry more than a month’s worth of operating costs in cash, a disaster can cripple them…indefinitely. When disaster strikes, 40% of small businesses will never reopen. 

Sadly, the above threats will linger far beyond the Halloween season. If they have instilled some fear in you, it’s likely time to invest in your business’s future with Total Data Protection.

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