Time is Money: Shave Seconds to Increase Profit with Remote Web

Time is Money: Shave Seconds to Increase Profit with Remote Web

By Henry Washburn

When I have to connect to Netflix in a country that doesn’t have a contract with them, it is less than optimal. I use a proxy to access Netflix servers in the U.S., then stream the movies I want to watch. That significantly reduces the quality and buffer speeds that I would normally get. It’s frustrating, but I deal. Remote connectivity to Datto Continuity devices, known as Remote Web, used to be the same. Devices had to connect to the U.S.-based web servers, it took time, and if there were a lot of latency issues, the connection would time out. As Datto and our partners grew, these issues became more problematic, resulting in valuable time lost for both our partners and Datto Support.

Datto constantly evaluates ways to streamline management of Datto products. Most of the traffic that our partner portal gets is with accessing Remote Web. To then undertake the redesign, we had to overcome some hurdles to realize the goal of less management time. Our engineering team took months building on the good of the original remote web and other remote connection projects, and made the system more secure, scalable, and able to plan for the future.

Remote Web's redesigned infrastructure means that anyone with the proper access can connect to a Datto Continuity device anywhere in the world in under 10 seconds. When new connection servers are needed, they are automatically scaled through Puppet, an orchestration software. That scalability is performed globally and constantly tested to ensure a connection is maintained even if there is latency with the Internet at a local site. It also eliminates the need to whitelist outbound connections through a firewall at the site housing the device.

The installation process and recurring management are faster, and as our partners grow their fleet, there is no added management cost per product, so they can have a verifiable management per client cost and continue profitability.

Every single time I connect to Remote Web 2.0, I count, and in 10 seconds or fewer, I have a connection. While seeming trivial, doing this hundreds of times a day saves countless hours at Datto and with every partner. Learn more about how Datto saves time.

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