What is Shadow IT?

What is Shadow IT?

By Chris Brunau

You may have heard the term Shadow IT lately, but what exactly is it, and what does it mean for your company?

Shadow IT is generally defined as technology in the organization that hasn’t been provided or passed through the company’s IT department.

Shadow IT has risen lately due to the increased use of cloud software, SaaS, and personnel using their own devices. Coupled with the constant influx of new technology, something is bound to fall through the cracks of your IT department.

While the cost and benefits of shadow IT is up for debate, you still need to keep your data safe.

According to Forbes, suggested, it can be seen as a menace or the best thing to happen to IT, depending on how you see it. It’s important to account for the shadow IT, and ensure any data is protected and backed up. It may be better to embrace shadow IT and work with it, rather than shut it down.

If devices or technology are truly in the shadow, there’s no knowing the security or control you may or may not have over your data.

A big responsibility also falls on the adopter of the shadow IT. While many companies may like to promote flexibility and freedom throughout their staff and infrastructure, if the users aren’t responsible, it could prove to be risky.

While the solution may not be to dissolve and crack down on shadow IT altogether, information may be your best ally. Informing your employees of the specific rules and guidelines to help them maintain compliance may be the solution.

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