Sensitive NSA and Army Data Leaked in Breach

Sensitive NSA and Army Data Leaked in Breach

By Chris Brunau

The NSA and United States Army have fallen victim to a major data breach, with over 100GB of classified information leaked. The data originated from the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), a joint US Army and NSA Defense Department command unit.

According to researchers at UpGuard, the Amazon Web Services server was misconfigured for public access, so anyone with the URL could access the data. The leak exposed a virtual hard drive containing 47 viewable files, three of which were downloadable and contained national security data. However, the majority of the data was only accessible when connected to the Pentagon’s networking, according to researchers.

This the latest headline in the string of several recent breaches including major corporations such as Uber, Equifax, and the NFL. While this breach doesn’t affect hundreds of millions of people, it is alarming considering the sensitive nature of the data.

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