SaaS Backup Is Essential – Find One That Is Easy To Use

SaaS Backup Is Essential – Find One That Is Easy To Use

By Courtney Heinbach

The importance of cloud-to-cloud backup cannot be overstated. Small and medium businesses (SMBs) may think that if their data exists in the cloud, it’s safe from harm and data loss – to no fault of their own. For those not immersed in the weeds of IT management, the public cloud may seem like an impenetrable, reliable location for business-critical data.

Managed service providers (MSPs) know this is not the case and that backing up cloud data is essential for smooth business operations and avoiding the risk of data loss. Software providers like Microsoft even recommend users back up their data with a third-party solution, as they only take responsibility for data loss in certain scenarios.

With cloud backup being such an essential tool for SMBs, it’s important MSPs find a solution that is easy to use and deliver for their clients and drives business growth by building a healthy margin.

Valley Expetec Chooses SaaS Protection

Valley Expetec is an MSP serving Central California and has been in business since 1994. They needed cloud backup for their clients’ Microsoft data and began searching for tools. After reviewing their options, they chose to standardize on Datto SaaS Protection.

Affordability and ease-of-use were two key differentiating factors that led Valley Expetec to select SaaS Protection for their entire client base. Chris Edwards, Vice President at Valley Expetec said, “SaaS Protection is unbelievably simple to use and easy to set up. It takes less than ten minutes to train our technical staff on this product and it is easy for our team to understand and implement.”

If your cloud backup solution is difficult to navigate or hindering profits, learn more about Valley Expetec’s experience with Datto SaaS Protection.

Valley Expetec Chooses Datto SaaS Protection for Ease of Use and Affordability

Valley Expetec became a Datto partner in 2019 when they found they needed a reliable cloud backup solution.

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