Rob Rae Highlights Datto's Recent News

Rob Rae Highlights Datto's Recent News

By Rob Rae

In a recent podcast with ChannelE2E, Datto’s VP of Business Development, Rob Rae, highlighted some of Datto’s latest news. Below is a recap of the podcast from the one and only Rob Rae:

Datto in the News
Datto raised $75 million in funding from Technology Crossover Ventures which allows Datto to expand to more regions at a faster pace.We’re utilizing these funds for global expansion, as evident with our new data center in Iceland and our expansion in Australia. We’re not just a backup company, we want to protect business data no matter where it lives, across the globe.

Along with that series B funding came a $1 billion dollar valuation of Datto and a true “unicorn” status. Even further proof that you can achieve success while being channel ONLY.

Regardless of our growth, Datto has and will remain a channel-only vendor. That’s not only important to Datto, but to me as well. I’ve been working with the channel since 2000, so I’m a huge supporter. I’m invested in channel-friendly organizations, and I’ve developed a love for them. We’re 100 percent channel, and our partnerships with MSPs have allowed us to be successful and work in this healthy, growing marketplace. It’s been a phenomenal ride with our partners, and that will only continue.

With such a large investment in the channel, it’s important for us to look at how our partners interact with our technology and how to make it even more efficient. How to help our partners convince an end user that signing contracts is a better approach than the break/fix method. Sometimes it comes down to helping our partners take a complex message, whether its backup and restore, business continuity or eliminating downtime, and turn it into a typical layman conversation they can easily demonstrate to their end users.

For MSPs to be successful in this, they have to educate themselves and their customers. We have to make sure topics like cloud computing are common knowledge. At the end of the day. the MSPs that focus on educating are going to be the ones who win. If you can illustrate in layman’s terms, you’ll win.

Going forward, we’re continuing to assess what we’re offering to our partners and how we can further improve every aspect of business continuity. We’re continuing to look at how our partners interact with technology and how we can make it more efficient and bring down the cost of running their business. We’ve made some significant strides in technology in 2015, and we’ll continue to make some big moves going forward.

For more information, listen to the full podcast, or head over to The Datto Newsroom for even more Datto headlines.

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