Returning to the Office: Helping Your Clients Make The Transition

Returning to the Office: Helping Your Clients Make The Transition

By Kira Pogge

Months after many businesses transitioned to a work from home environment, regional restrictions are loosening, and organizations are beginning to welcome employees back to their offices (if they haven’t already).

Your people, office, and technology should be top priority as you move forward. Once they have successfully been addressed, it’s time to focus on your clients. This presents an opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs) to play a critical role in helping small businesses get back to the office.

We asked Datto Partner, Vince Tinnirello, Managing Director at Anchor Network Solutions to share more about how their MSP is helping clients transition. “Just as we had to be there for our clients to transition them to a work from home environment, it’s equally vital that we stay in constant communication with them and understand their plans for going back to the office to make the return just as smooth,” Vince explained.

“Our client success team is talking regularly with clients to ensure they know what will be required to migrate them back and to get it scheduled on the calendar like any other project. Clients don’t always see the big picture of what’s needed to transition them again, so there’s a real opportunity to show them what it takes and further prove our partnership value.”

We’ve developed a series of checklists to help businesses as they reopen your offices. The checklists cover four key imperatives for your transition: employees, office space, technology stack, and clients.

Below are some highlights from our “Clients” checklist. This list focuses on establishing office layouts, behaviors, and guidelines that result in a safe office environment for everyone.

  • Schedule a review of each clients’ current state. Expect changes to your clients’ businesses. Be their trusted advisor and learn what new challenges they expect.
  • Develop and conduct an ‘After Action Review’ with your clients. When most of us got the word to start working from home, we had little time to prepare. Use the lessons learned during this crisis to update the planning process with your clients. Next time, you’ll find yourself prepared for a crisis.
  • Review the current Disaster Recovery plan with your clients. Utilize lessons learned to update the plan.
  • Utilize Datto’s checklists to build out your clients’ office reopening plans. Now that you’ve built a plan for your office return, you can help your clients do the same. Tweak your approach based on their business and use the sections of this checklist series to guide them through a successful office return.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can access the full “Clients” checklist (as well as the entire series of checklists) here.

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