Ransomware Threats Increase

Ransomware Threats Increase

By Chris Brunau

Ransomware certainly isn’t a new threat, but it is definitely growing, according to the McAfee Labs Threats Report.

The growth is occurring at an alarming rate, with new cases up 58% in the second quarter of 2015.

The report attributes this to the new sources of ransomware such as CTB-Locker, CryptoWall, and others. The total number of ransomware samples has grown 127% in the past year.

As we have addressed before, it may be open season on your data. Ransomware is unique in that it isn’t focused on what type of data it is, as long as it has value to someone. And if you are storing that data, chances are it has value to you.

With a comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solution through Datto, you would be covered in the case of a ransomware attack.

In the case of David’s Soundview Catering, they weren’t able to access their files one morning. Luckily, their MSP was able to quickly assess the situation and determine they had been hit with Cryptolocker. Thanks to their Datto device, they were able to prevent any data loss and keep their business up and running instead of paying a ransom to access their information.

If you’re hit with ransomware like Cryptolocker, here are 4 simple steps from Datto tech support to help you recover from the infection.

  • Remove the virus
  • After you have restored your files, delete the encrypted files from the server
  • Mount a local file restore and recover the infected files back in a healthy state
  • If the local files are unavailable for a restore, Datto can utilize our cloud services to provide you with FTP access to any point in the cloud

While hackers think they have you cornered by ransoming your data, you could be one step ahead by virtualizing your backup and accessing your data without any issues.


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