Ransomware Rehabilitation: How Rehab Pro Recovered from Locky

Jun 15, 2016

Ransomware Rehabilitation: How Rehab Pro Recovered from Locky

BY Chris Brunau

Cybersecurity Ransomware

What would you do if you arrived at work and 30 GB of critical business data was corrupted by ransomware?

Rehab Pro LP, a provider of rehabilitation services, was recently in this exact situation. They were infected with Locky, a form of ransomware that is typically spread through spam email disguised as an invoice. Rainey Riley, Billing and IT Manager at Rehab, came across the infection and quickly called on their managed services provider (MSP), Rigidnet LLC, to save the day. Luckily, David Tidwell, Help Desk Supervisor at Rigidnet, acted quickly and helped the company avoid a major data disaster. “I restored the previous night’s backup and had them up and running within a few minutes,” said Tidwell. After that, Tidwell determined which drives were infected and backed up the data to a point before the Locky encryption. According to Tidwell, the process couldn’t have gone any more smoothly,

This was the Texas-based MSP’s first time dealing with ransomware with a Datto device in their corner and the simplicity blew them away, said Tidwell. “We’ve dealt with ransomware before, and it was much more complicated. With Datto, we restored the data in a matter of minutes and they were up and running,” he said.

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