Ransomware Free In 2016? That's A Reason To Give Thanks

Ransomware Free In 2016? That's A Reason To Give Thanks

By Chris Brunau

With Thanksgiving here, this is a great opportunity to reflect on the past year and think about what you're thankful for. While there are likely a number of things that come to mind, hopefully, you can include being ransomware free among those.

If you managed to get through 2016 without a ransomware incident, consider yourself lucky. Just take a quick look at the ransomware section of the Datto Blog, you’ll see there has certainly been no shortage of ransomware headlines over the past year. 

The prevalence of ransomware was glaringly reinforced in Datto’s 2016 Global Ransomware Report. Of the 1,100 managed service providers (MSPs) we surveyed, there were some pretty astounding statistics. 97 percent of these MSPs believe ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent. In addition, more than 91 percent report clients victimized by ransomware, 40 percent who have experienced six or more attacks in the last year.

Even if you haven’t yet been hit with a ransomware attack, it may not be a bad idea to brush up on some cybersecurity best practices. If you were one of the unfortunate thousands hit with ransomware, you’ve come to the right place as well. With our Cybersecurity Made MSPeasy Toolkit, you can ensure you never fall victim to ransomware again. Download it today and get 2017 off to a ransomware-free start.

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