Last week's WannaCry ransomware attack infected victims in 150 countries before finally slowing down. However, experts warn that it is far from over. A UK security researcher helped limit the damage of the attack but warns another one could be coming as soon as today. 

Telefonica, one of Spain’s largest telecommunications providers, is experiencing a massive run-in with the attack. Although the news is still developing, reports indicate that a large number of machines have been infected with a ransom demand of $300 per machine, allegedly totaling over $500,000. Telefonica is currently urging employees to shut down computers and VPN connections to limit the damage.

In addition to Telefonica, a similar attack has hit multiple hospitals in the UK. The ransomware infection has forced the cancellation of operations and workers are apparently locked out of their systems. The National Health Service in England is working with the National Cyber Security Center, the Department of Health, and NHS England to resolve the incident.