Putting BCDR In The Fast Lane

Mar 22, 2016

Putting BCDR In The Fast Lane

BY Chris Brunau

As Datto partner, Chad Kempt, puts it, “the best backup is the one you don’t have to use. But when you need to use it, that’s when it really counts.” Kempt is the founder of Fast Computers, an MSP located in Ontario, Canada. The service-based company has a small staff, with only six people running their entire production. Fast Computers works with a variety of verticals, ranging from law firms to manufacturing.

“We have a small staff, but I refuse to give up quality just to get quantity. Our team knows the product and knows our clients,” said Kempt.

Fast Computers has been a Datto Partner for about four years, ever since Datto opened a data center in Canada. Kempt was intrigued by the Datto solution, and as soon as he saw Datto’s commitment to Canadian partners, he knew he had to make the switch.

Prior to partnering with Datto, Fast Computers was building their own solution. They worked with various technologies, and catered to clients on a case-by-case basis. However, when he came across Datto, he knew he found the right solution. “As soon as I got the Datto device in my hands, I knew I had to make the switch. Datto’s ease-of-use is one of the greatest assets. With our old solution, entry-level techs would struggle with the implementation and restores. With Datto, I can have anyone in my office do the file restore,” Kempt said.

“Datto gave me the ability to sell BCDR in ways I wouldn’t have ever been able to if I was still building my own solution, it’s much easier to sell the Datto solution than a build your own from a six-person team,” Kempt added.

For more on how Datto has allowed Fast Computers to excel, read the full success story.

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