Prosource Delivers Managed Networking Thanks to Datto

Prosource Delivers Managed Networking Thanks to Datto

By Chris Brunau

Prosource is one of the largest managed service providers in the Midwestern United States, servicing small businesses in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. The team at Prosource partners with Datto to deliver managed networking solutions.

Prosource’s relationship with Open Mesh dates back to 2009 when Ryan Fackey, current Prosource Solutions Architect was serving with the Marine Corps in in Kandahar, Afghanistan. As he tells the story, the Marines had access to free WiFi, but the connection was often poor and unusable. Fackey took it upon himself to purchase two Open Mesh access points and install them in the barracks. The APs worked seamlessly, offering speedy WiFi to the Marines in Fackey’s unit.

Upon returning to the United States and working for Prosource, Fackey recalled his positive experience with Open Mesh and convinced the team at Prosource to bring the product line on board. Prosource has now been reselling and managing Open Mesh products for the last four years.

To learn more, check out the full success story

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