Preview the PSA Updates at DattoCon19

Preview the PSA Updates at DattoCon19

By Grace Fitzgerald

Autotask PSA has a lot of impactful and exciting updates coming for DattoCon19.

These new announcements will be featured during the keynote on day one of the conference along with a separate technical track dedicated to Datto Business Management (Autotask PSA and Datto RMM). Within this track, there are three Autotask PSA-related sessions.

Director of Product Management for Autotask PSA, Joe Rourke, and Director of Product Design, Jason Winkler will cover “What’s New in Autotask PSA”. Attendees will learn more about the 2019.2 release, native LiveMobile service ticket for iOS, native LiveMobile for Android, and the future roadmap items for 2019.

The second session is “Transitioning to Device and User-Base Billing in Autotask PSA,” where Joe Rourke will be joined by Georg Dauterman from Valiant Technology, a New York City-based MSP, to discuss how to introduce user based billing to clients as well as cover the configurability options like min/max billing, tiered based billing, and prorating options. To quote one of our customers, “It's easy and efficient. Just set it and forget it.”

The final session will be “10 KPIs Every MSP Should Be Tracking in their PSA.” Industry veterans, Andrew Haynes and Evan Welch, will bring decades of combined experience to show you how to use Autotask PSA for revealing valuable business insights. Learn about important metrics you should be tracking such as customer satisfaction, sales pipeline, resource utilization, and profitability. No fancy statistics degree required - see how easy reporting and analytics can be using Autotask PSA.

In addition to the track sessions, there will be a dedicated section of the tech hub for attendees to interact with PSA engineers, support staff, implementation managers, and sales professionals. Attendees can also receive demos for the latest update of Autotask 2019.2, Livemobile 2.0 for Android, and LiveMobile 2.1 for iOS. Our experts can answer any questions you have about Autotask PSA and the Datto partnership.

And before the conference even begins, there will be an optional PSA Accelerator Boot Camp on June 17 from 8:00 - 4:00 PM. Datto employees will walk through a typical business flow of acquiring and onboarding customers to servicing and preventing churn with a focus on profitability, time management, workload, and customer management. Bootcampers will leave with an understanding of the big picture as well as process workflows provided within PSA. Most importantly, you will leave with a plan for how to maximize your use in the coming year.

Email with any questions. Can’t make it to DattoCon to hear all the latest updates? Join our webinar on June 27 for a live recap of the Autotask PSA and Livemobile updates.

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