Practitioner Certification Now Available for Datto RMM

Practitioner Certification Now Available for Datto RMM

By Jeff Reinholtz

Since the launch of Datto Academy last year, the Partner Learning team has been focused on finding ways to help our partners to maximize their knowledge and use of our products. Our latest certification, the Datto Certified Practitioner for Datto RMM, is the next learning offering ensuring partners get the most value from their Datto RMM platform. To maintain a simplified learning experience, The Datto Academy is the centralized hub for all of your learning requests, with courses and learning environments tailored to your needs.

Knowledge is power

In an ever-changing, competitive business landscape, certifications are an effective way to demonstrate investment in your business. With each new certification, you can proudly share with clients and prospects your commitment to excellence in supporting their needs. Earning this certification allows MSPs the opportunity to stand apart from the competition in their industry by being able to validate their technical expertise - and must-have for today’s small and medium businesses.

Introducing DCP for Datto RMM

The Datto Certified Practitioner for Datto RMM is now available in the Datto Academy. In this course, the student will learn how Datto RMM can effectively enable an MSP to remotely monitor, manage and support endpoints via remote monitoring and management. And they will also gain knowledge of how the successful implementation of RMM will reduce costs and increase service delivery efficiency. The Datto Certified Practitioner for Datto RMM is recommended for systems administrators, account managers, and operations professionals.

When complete, students will be able to:

  • Describe the main benefits of Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)Describe the standard functionality and key components of RMM
  • Describe the value proposition of RMM
  • Describe how Datto RMM can drive scalability and promote business growth
  • Explain how Datto RMM will increase operational productivity
  • Explain the value proposition to MSP clients through insights and reporting generated by RMM
  • Understand how proactive remote monitoring mitigates risks, including crypto-ransomware
  • Understand the benefits of RMM network topology mapping for network visibility
  • Understand the integration options available in RMM
  • Gain familiarity with the library of free scripts available in the ComStore
  • Explain how the automated patch management delivers effective policy-based management
  • Understand how monitoring, automation, and scripting delivers scalable automation for service delivery

We hope you enjoy the learning experience!

To access this certification on the Datto Academy, you must have a Partner Portal account. Visit, where you will be prompted to login via 2FA, and arrive at the Academy dashboard. From there, you can find the Datto Certified Practitioner - Remote Monitoring and Management certification curriculum under “Featured Courses.” If you do not have a Partner Portal account, the above link will result in an error - to create one, simply reach out to your internal admin with a request to do so. Once your account is enabled, you can t follow the steps above.

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