Powernet Ensures Australian Businesses Avoid Downtime with Datto

Jan 25, 2017

Powernet Ensures Australian Businesses Avoid Downtime with Datto

BY Chris Brunau

Powernet IT Solutions is a managed service provider (MSP) with multiple locations across the eastern seaboard of Australia. According to Daniel Williams, Head of Service Delivery & Director, Powernet’s mission is to ensure their customers have the best technology solutions available, not just any old off-the-shelf product.

When the MSP began to struggle with the backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution they had been leveraging to protect clients’ data, Williams knew it was time to look into a replacement. After a few painful and time-consuming restores using a build-your-own BDR product, he wanted a more complete solution that would offer everything his customers needed but with single-vendor accountability. “We wanted a solution with premiere tech support, account management and training. Datto passed all three of these areas with flying colors, filling in needs we didn’t know existed,” said Williams.

Powernet decided Datto was the perfect fit for the company. “Datto is such a thorough solution and the simplicity is incredible. A lot of the processes that were labor-intensive for us with our previous solution are built in, such as Inverse Chain Technology, which provides a more flexible and resilient solution. Datto features like this allow Powernet to spend less time on back-end systems and repetitive tasks and more time to focus on their clients.

To learn more about how Powernet and Datto team up to deliver seamless BDR, read the full success story.

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