[Podcast] Tools and Resources to Help MSPs Sell More

[Podcast] Tools and Resources to Help MSPs Sell More

By Holly Wainwright

How effective is your sales engine? Are your marketing efforts driving leads?

Datto VP of Marketing Carrie Reber talks about a new series designed for MSPs looking to attract new leads and close new business. If you’re like many MSPs your forte is IT, not marketing. This series, Selling Yourself, Marketing and Sales Strategies for MSPs, presents quick, actionable tips to jumpstart both your marketing and sales. Podcast host is Rob Rae, Datto VP of Business Development. Listen to the full podcast now.

Where did the idea for the Sales & Marketing series come from?

I heard this (request) a lot at DattoCon this past summer, that our partners are really interested in more resources to help them grow their business and to help them in the areas of sales and marketing. Obviously, of course we like to teach them how to sell Datto products, but these upcoming webcasts are really more about how to grow their business overall, and how to sell themselves and their services in addition to and on top of selling Datto.

What topics do the webcasts cover?

- MSP Inbound Marketing 101
- SEO Tips for the Modern MSP Marketer
- Breaking Down the Sale Taking the “Wishing” and “Hoping” out of the Sales Process
- PR and Social Media Basics for the Busy MSP

Datto has expanded its marketing to end users, why?

Part of the reason we’re doing this (events like VMworld) is to raise the company’s profile in the industry, and make Datto a little bit better known, which we feel like just adds to the value of the company and the product for our partners. When they suggest and propose Datto, you want their customers to say, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard good things about that.”  It [will make] life easier for our partners. It makes it an easier conversation to have.

Our strategy is exclusively channel focused. We are not going to sell direct which is something that Austin takes great pride in, and we’re going to stick to that.

What happens to end user leads?

When we get those end user leads, our plan is to do some initial qualification and find out if they already have a partner. If it’s one of our partners, that’s right who the lead goes to. If they don’t have a partner, we find out geographically where they are and what kind of profile they fit, and we’ll be assigning them to our partners in those regions.

Any news on DattoCon16?

Absolutely. We have officially launched DattoCon16 which is in Nashville, Tennessee on June 20th. It’s June 20th through the 22nd. For those of you that were at DattoCon15, I promise this one’s going to be even bigger and better. That includes our keynote. This year we actually did secure Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple.

The first 100 that register for DattoCon16 will actually be eligible to have dinner with Austin and Steve.  I am already jealous of the people that win that.

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