10 Reasons Partners Contact Datto’s RoundTrip Department

Jun 17, 2016

10 Reasons Partners Contact Datto’s RoundTrip Department

BY Chris Brunau

What are some of the common issues facing Datto’s RoundTrip department? In this week’s technical podcast, Kevin Williams, Partner Success Technician, is joined by Bill Chellis, RoundTrip Manager, to discuss these common issues partners reach out to him.

After successfully completing over 50,000 RoundTrips, the department has seen it all. Whether it’s a missing shipping label, incomplete address, damaged packages during shipping, or a variety of other reasons. In David Letterman style, Bill provided a list of the top 10 things partners reach out to him for regarding their RoundTrip shipment. Listen to the podcast to hear the entire list!

If you’re interested in learning more about Datto’s RoundTrip department, check out our infographic on the Datto blog. Don’t forget, we want to hear from our partners are about RoundTrip experience. Log into the partner forum and take the survey.

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