[Podcast] Strengthening the Datto Partner Community

[Podcast] Strengthening the Datto Partner Community

By Melissa Stanton

At Datto, our partners are more than just MSPs. They are part of our community, and we thrive to create a community rich with openness, transparency and knowledge.

In order to achieve and maintain this culture of community, Datto has developed several programs to make partners feel included and supported. The Datto Roadshow, led by Christine Gassman, is an opportunity for partners to network and find out what really is going on at Datto. Attendees get the chance to hear about the product roadmap for the year, get to speak with representatives from different departments within Datto, and are given marketing materials.

Another initiative set forth by the Customer Experience department, led by Emily Glass, are the newly-launched Datto Partner Forums. The forums serve as a resource for partners to discuss managed service topics with each other, to ask questions openly to Datto employees directly, and to get the information they need in a timely manner.

The Customer Experience department also includes the training department, which has made huge strides in creating trainings for partners.

Datto would be nowhere without our partners, and we want to ensure that every MSP has the best experience possible. Please send any questions, suggestions or comments to podcast@datto.com.

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