[Podcast] Sneak Peek Of DattoCon16: What To Look Forward To

[Podcast] Sneak Peek Of DattoCon16: What To Look Forward To

By Melissa Stanton

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“2015 went amazing, I really couldn’t have imagined it going off any better,” said Samantha Ciaccia, Datto Channel Engagement Manager.

As a Datto Partner, there is a very high likelihood that you have attended at least one Datto Partner Conference, also known as “DattoCon.” From the content provided, guest speakers, product announcements, parties and amazing location, it’s definitely becoming one of the premier partner conferences in the Channel.

Like Samantha said, 2015 was incredible, and left little room for improvement. However, this year, our Business Development team here at Datto has been working hard to deliver a DattoCon that will undoubtedly top last year by far.

This week, Samantha Ciaccia and Rob Rae share some of the details surrounding topics like: the best places to visit while in Nashville, how to get a picture with Steve Wozniak, and when to look out for the lucky partners who get to have dinner with Austin McChord and Woz!

Read on to find out even more about DattoCon16!

Before we talk about 2016, how do you think 2015 went?

2015 went amazing. I really couldn’t have imagined it going off any better. We had so many partners in attendance, 503, like you mentioned. Wonderful vendor sponsors and we had a lot of new sponsors as well. As everybody knows, there’s so many events in the channel. It was really important to me to bring in some new vendors and new solutions for our partners, so that was really exciting. Not to mention, we had five amazing product launches that Austin McChord, our CEO, launched right in the beginning, so it kind of set the tone for the conference. There was just so much energy. Everybody was walking around with a smile on their face including me and all the Datto staff. It was just full of energy, and I’m so excited to continue that next year.

In 2015, we did something that we’ve never done before which was we had the majority of the content actually being driven by other MSPs, by other partners, segmented into individual business areas, and then had the opportunity for those individuals to present on some best practices and stuff. Is it safe to say that we’re going to do a lot of that in DattoCon16?

Yes, absolutely. I think that was of huge value. As many shows that we go to, obviously sponsors want the opportunity to speak, and we do offer those opportunities, but we limit them. We think that putting our partners on stage, really talking about ways in which that they’ve succeeded, not only using the Datto solution, but other ways in which they bundle other services is hugely important. I think we got a lot of good feedback. Actually I get emails every single day from certain partners who want to speak, so it’s going to be a challenge to decide who we put on stage this year just because there’s so many wonderful partners doing things so differently and uniquely. We’re definitely going to be doing that again and probably more of it.

What else is new for DattoCon? We’ve got some pretty exciting releases. We’ve got some pretty exciting news we’ve been talking about and tweeting about like crazy. What else can people expect at DattoCon? Why else should somebody come to DattoCon?

Well, I’ll save the product releases for Austin on day one. I will talk about our keynote speaker. Steve Wozniak is actually our keynote speaker next year. I’m so excited because everybody’s going to have the opportunity not only to listen to his hour and half presentation ... Which by the way, it’s interesting because he doesn’t want to stand on stage and deliver a fifty-slide PowerPoint presentation deck. He actually requested to have two big comfortable lounge chairs, kind of do a fireside chat where we can actually ask him anything we want to ask him. I’m not quite sure if you or Austin is going to do the interviewing, but I’ll leave that for you guys to decide and fight over. I haven’t spoken to him specifically, but his agency said that he doesn’t want any of the questions or any of the topics ahead of time. He obviously wants to understand who Datto is and who the audience is and a little bit about that, but he wants to be completely real and completely on point. On top of his presentation, he’s agreed to have dinner with a number of our partners. We’ve done a couple different contests. The first a hundred people who signed up for the conference were entered into a contest as well as one social media contest that we had out, so we’ll be choosing ... Then we haven’t actually decided the number of partners. It’s going to be somewhere between ten and fifteen. I want it to be small enough that people can actually hear him and see him and be part of the conversation, but I want to, obviously, have enough partners experience that as possible. It’s going to be dinner with Steve with Austin and then about ten or fifteen of our partners. Those people should be identified within the next month or so.

There’s also one more opportunity that people have got that we haven’t talked about with Steve Wozniak …

Yes. In addition to the presentation and in addition to the dinner, every single person at the conference, attendees, sponsors, Datto employees will all have the opportunity to meet Woz, shake his hand, get a photo taken. We’ll actually get those photos printed out and given to everybody the next morning, in addition to, obviously, having them be online so everybody can post them in social media.

I know we’ve got a special on for the rest of the year. If you sign up for DattoCon before the end of the year, you actually get…

You save about two hundred and fifty dollars if you register for the conference and the hotel together, so it’s a really good savings.

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