[Podcast] Celebrating 50k Datto Roundtrips!

[Podcast] Celebrating 50k Datto Roundtrips!

By Chris Brunau

In this week’s Technical Podcast, Kevin Williams, Partner Success Technician, is joined by Bill Chellis, RoundTrip Manager.

The Datto RoundTrip department recently celebrated a major milestone, reaching 50,000 RoundTrip drives.

The RoundTrip process makes the cloud seeding as painless as possible for our clients. Seed drives may not be the most exciting aspect of Datto, but they’re vital. Wherever our customers are, wherever their data is, we will send a RoundTrip drive to retrieve it. When that drive returns to the data center, we sync every last bit of data to Datto Cloud servers.RoundTrips are among the first interactions we have with our partners and their clients, so a smooth process is a necessity, and sets the tone of the entire partnership moving forward.

To learn more about the Datto RoundTrip, listen to the full podcast, or check out our infographic and blog celebrating the 50K milestone.

Datto partners, this is where you come in. We want to hear what you like or dislike about the Datto RoundTrip process. What is right about it? What is wrong? Please sign in to the Community forums to take part in our Datto RoundTrip satisfaction survey. It will take just a few moments to complete, but the feedback will allow us to hone in on what it takes to provide an even better RoundTrip experience.

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