[Podcast] The Benefits of Automating Business Processes for MSPs

[Podcast] The Benefits of Automating Business Processes for MSPs

By Holly Wainwright

What are the advantages for managed service providers (MSPs) to automate IT business processes?  What role should PSA and RMM play? When selecting a technology vendor, is it important to also evaluate who they have integrations with?  Get the answers in this edition of the Datto Partner Podcast, with special guest and long-time Datto integration partner, Autotask. Len DiCostanzo, Autotask Senior Vice President joins podcast host Rob Rae, Datto VP of Business Development. Listen to the full podcast now.

How does automating IT processes help MSPs?

To help IT service providers and MSPs work smarter … (it’s) about enabling efficiency, accountability and access to the key metrics that drive intelligent business decisions.

The key behind PSA (professional service automation), IT business management, is the integration of key business processes in an application. Autotask was born in 2001 in the cloud, so we’ve been a cloud offering now for close to 15 years.

We’re very focused right now on metrics [and] recently updated our user interface to our PSA, our IT business management platform. Lots of graphs and charts that pretty much hit you right in the face as soon as you head into our application. Very rule based metrics, from owner through project management office, service desk manager, technician. All the metrics you need to make decisions right now and drill down and get all the details you want.

What does the integration of RMM (remote monitoring management) with PSA mean?

What we just realized over time was that remote monitoring management technology is really driving managed services as a revenue stream for our customer base, and felt we could do a really good job if we had that technology in our portfolio. We went and acquired a company called CentraStage out of the UK, about a year ago, we now call it Autotask Endpoint Management.

Basically, what we’re doing is changing the game a bit. In that, in the past those were looked at as different solutions, you get a PSA, you have an RMM and you build an integration between those two solutions. There are some very good RMM vendors out there, but the key is we thought we can do a great job changing the game and deeply integrating those PSA and RMM, to create pretty much, a single pane of glass. A single view into your managed asset, your managed estate, if you will.

Most folks out there with a PSA and a RMM, have to work in different environments. We’re about to come out with a true, joint dashboard, that combines both PSA and RMM data on one screen.

Why is it important for RMM/PSA to be integrated with a backup, recovery and business continuity vendor, like Datto?

I think the real value prop of working together is, we do know that our solutions work together and that’s through integrations. I think the key for an integration, it’s all about automating and providing an opportunity to scale for our joint customers. We don’t really want them having to do something in a Datto environment and then go to an Autotask environment, replicate and vice a versa. The integrations we have really provide this opportunity to automate to scale.

Autotask recent released its Managed Services Market Study for 2015. What did you learn?

One of the things I think I pointed out at the fantastic Datto conference back in June, in New Orleans, was we asked things like what’s your top revenue of potential services? What tools do you use in your business? One question was what are the top cloud services by revenue potential? Number one, Rob, backup and recovery.

There’s a lot more to Rob and Len’s conversation in the complete podcast, listen now. Please email any feedback, including ideas for future podcasts, to podcast@datto.com. Subscribe to the Datto Partner Podcast on iTunes.

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