Pain-Free BCDR With Datto And BEK Inc.

Pain-Free BCDR With Datto And BEK Inc.

By Chris Brunau

Needless to say, downtime is never good for business. Especially for a dental practice as the office opens for the day. So when Maine Prosthodontics’ server failed, BEK Inc. had to act quickly.

BEK is a Maine-based managed service provider (MSP) and Datto Partner with about 300 clients, many of whom rely heavily on them for every aspect of their IT infrastructure, including a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR).

After some quick troubleshooting, BEK engineer Nick Dalbeck determined the fried server wasn’t salvageable. He worked with Datto Technical Support to spin up the virtual machine. “We had some difficulties with their dental software, and it wasn’t running with the virtual machine. Luckily, Datto was on board to help me through the process and get things operating correctly,” said Dalbeck.

Maine Prosthodontics ran off the virtual machine on Datto for over two months while they sorted out the details for a new server. BEK kept them up and running, ensuring the dental company could continue seeing patients during the entire process.

Dalbeck noted, “Although Maine Prosthodontics was operating off our Datto instead of the dedicated server, things ran seamlessly. Everyone was accessing their files and resuming normal operations.”

According to Dalbeck, if the Dental office was still using tape backup, they would have seen considerable damage. “This was an unusual problem, so they didn’t have time to plan. The entire process took around two months, so they likely wouldn’t have survived with tape,” he said.

To read more about how Datto and BEK saved a client, download our success story.

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