Proposed Bill Looking To Crack Down On Ransomware

Proposed Bill Looking To Crack Down On Ransomware

By Chris Brunau

Cyber thieves may finally start paying for their crimes. At least that’s the aim of a new bill proposed in California that would potentially carry jail sentences of two to four years for hackers who commit ransomware attacks.

According to Yahoo news, Cybercrime was previously covered in California by older laws. However, this newer bill classifies ransomware as extortion because it is specifically used to steal money from victims.

In a release, Senator Robert Hertzberg referred to ransomware as an ‘electronic stickup’. He also noted that while there have been over $209 million in ransomware payments in early 2016, it’s hard to get the full scope of attacks, because victims often don’t report attacks to authorities (as we also found in Datto’s 2016 Global Ransomware Report).

While this certainly isn’t the magic bullet to stop ransomware, this may be the first step in leveling the playing field and prosecuting offenders.

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