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May 08, 2017

Networking Sales Made MSPeasy

BY Chris Brunau

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Selling networking on a subscription basis is a relatively new concept in the IT services world. Networking technology is frequently sold and implemented on a project basis, even by MSPs who use a subscription billing model for other IT services. Networking technology is mature, straightforward, and reliable, so businesses often balk at the idea of suddenly paying an ongoing service fee.

Networking products are largely considered to be a commodity today. Of course, there are standout devices and IT folks will always have personal preferences, but generally speaking, feature parity is very high among networking gear. As such, the vast majority of products lack unique selling points. This can be a challenge for technology-focused MSPs. That’s why it is essential for MSPs to sell the value of their services rather than the functionality of specific products.

Great White North Technology, an Ontario-based MSP, has been selling networking products (specifically, Open Mesh, which was recently acquired by Datto) for three years. Originally, Great White North sold the networking products traditionally, i.e. without monthly recurring revenue (MRR). “We try not to sell it that way anymore,” said Great White North’s Alain Lefebvre. “Though, people aren’t used to consuming networking as a service, which can make it a tough sale. But more and more that is changing.”

Lefebvre said that when you are selling Managed Networking Services, it is essential to focus on creating an excellent customer experience. “You need to discover the customer’s needs, pain points, and business objectives up-front,” he said. “Then craft a solution that meets their needs.”

This sales approach is frequently referred to as “solution selling.” Solution selling is a sales methodology in which the salesperson evaluates a customer’s specific challenges and goals and recommends products and services that meet their needs. The discussion is customer service-oriented rather than technology focused. For example, if a company wants good WiFi coverage in their office, do you need to talk about concurrent dual band WiFi and PoE injectors? All they care about is that the WiFi doesn’t drop when someone walks into a conference room. Know your audience and what they care most about and sell directly to that point.

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