Network Continuity: Why 4G LTE Matters

Network Continuity: Why 4G LTE Matters

By Matt Richards

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Datto dispatched two Disaster Response Teams (DRTs) into the field. These teams of four people arrived in the affected areas within 12 hours of landfall and set to work. Their mission? To answer emergency calls to the dedicated DRT contact number, reach out to partners in the area to see if they needed assistance, and help area shelters as they could.

Through the end of August and most of September, Datto DRTs were in the field. They assisted with nearly 225 support tickets, helped with nine shelters, and deployed 75 Datto devices to partners in need. Of all the Datto devices deployed by the team, one stood out above the rest when it came to post hurricane relief: the Datto Networking Appliance (DNA).  

“Once the hurricanes hit, the window for backups was over,” said Sergio Espinosa, Datto Product Manager and team member of the first Hurricane Harvey DRT. “These days, getting back up and running requires Internet connectivity, and businesses used the DNA to get online while their ISPs repaired damaged equipment. Instead of waiting for days, they got to work almost immediately with the DNA.”

Imagine this scenario: a data center on the upper floors of a colo facility are powered and running. However, the ISP equipment on the first floor is flooded and the Internet is down. Enter the DNA with 4G LTE connectivity built in. Simply plug the DNA into a location with 4G LTE and connect it to the top switch. Now the data center is back in business on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. The DNA also monitors ISP connections and automatically fails back when it returns.

Datto calls this Network Continuity, the ability to ensure the network—and the business—stays up when ISPs go down. It makes it very easy to purchase and deploy a DNA, simply plug it in and go.

All told, Datto rotated in 25 people to support Harvey and Irma recovery efforts over the past month. Of the 75 devices installed by the DRTs, 70 of them were DNAs. Additionally, the DRTs used the DNAs for connectivity during the storms.

“ISPs have come a long way over the past few years, but they are not yet to the level of phone, power and water in terms of reliability.” said Matt Richards, VP of Product Marketing and lead organizer for the Datto DRTs. “When power came back, businesses were stuck waiting on ISPs. The DNA was indispensable in these situations getting partners and their customers back to work.”

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