Must-Attend DattoCon19 Sessions

Jun 18, 2019

Must-Attend DattoCon19 Sessions

BY Chris Brunau

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With DattoCon19 finally here, we wanted to highlight a few must-attend sessions while you are in San Diego. For three days, we’re sharing business building secrets to success, invaluable product, and technical best practices, industry trends that matter, growth strategies, and killer networking events filled with a powerful network of MSPs. Check out some of the sessions below:

  • CEO Keynote: Hear directly from Tim Weller and the management team about product roadmaps, future innovations, and how these enhancements will impact you.
  • Featured Keynotes: This year’s keynote presentations are bigger and better than ever before. Kevin Mitnick, Simone Giertz, and Nancy Rademaker will each take the stage to share their speakers you do not want to miss!
  • Watch a Live Ransomware Attack: Is your organization ready for a disaster scenario? From accidental user deletion to clicking the wrong thing all the way through to vandalism, to an unavoidable natural disaster. No industry, operating system, cloud or device is safe. Join us to see how, with the Datto solution set, we can go from complete catastrophe to complete success.
  • Peer Forums: These moderated tracks are intimate small-group roundtable sessions providing high-value networking on key topics. Attendees will drive the conversation, share pain points, successes, and best practices around what they’re facing in the market today. These sessions on an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars by attendees! Seating is limited and first come first served, so please arrive early in order to participate.
  • The Frightening Truth About Asset Lifecycle Management: Did you know that less than 4 percent of MSPs are handling asset lifecycle effectively? In this session, Warranty Master co-founder Anthony Day will provide thought-provoking insight into the shocking gaps in common Asset Lifecycle Management practices. Highlighting rapid fire fixes, Anthony will expand on how any MSP can easily address the challenges they face with a killer arsenal of service offerings. Learn why top-tier MSPs consider Asset Lifecycle Management an essential part of their service delivery and a veritable gold mine.
  • From Complacent to Critical: The IT security landscape for small to medium-sized businesses have turned from a situation where clients tended to be complacent about cybersecurity to it being a critical, high-demand service offering. This presentation looks at what’s driven this seismic shift in client attitudes, and how IT security vendors need to rapidly evolve to provide MSPs access to the expertise and security technology they so desperately need.

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