MSPs are Worth It: How to Show Clients Your Value

MSPs are Worth It: How to Show Clients Your Value

By Courtney Heinbach

In our State of the Channel podcast, Datto’s marketing team interviewed Sitima Fowler, Founder and VP of Marketing at Iconic IT - a Rochester, NY based managed service provider (MSP) - and discussed tactics MSPs can use to boost revenue and sales by leveraging the value of their expertise.

Sitima is a big believer in a consultative approach that avoids overselling products. Her team has had great success with targeted sales and marketing outreach that’s focused around thought leadership—providing insights and expert advice that’s of value to potential clients.

Here's a recap of her top tips:

Build rapport

This is deeper than discussing the local weather. When it’s time to sit down with prospective clients, go to the meeting knowing something about who they are as a business (e.g., culture). For example, do they contribute to local charities? Find a common point of interest and build engagement from there.

It’s never about the product

It’s about how you can help provide peace of mind, increase efficiencies, improve employees’ productivity, and address security concerns. Focus your time on getting the right message across based on what they need.

Help clients do things better

How can technology help them be more productive? Ask questions to understand how they’re using technology and look for ways to suggest new or better ways to go about how they can use it to provide better service to their customers.

Equate how the business works with how they use technology

Ask about what technology they’re using across different departments. How are they capturing sales leads? Tracking finances? And, then find out how they’re connecting information.

Focus on their gaps and goals

This isn’t about you or what solutions you offer, this is about providing them with the best path/roadmap to meet their business needs.

It’s ok to say no

This can be challenging, but finding the best client fit for your business model helps your business in the long run. When it’s not the right fit, forcing it won’t make it a success.

Be a trusted advisor

The best way to achieve this coveted status is by taking the worry out of the equation. A tiered level, fixed pricing approach gives prospective clients the ability to add more of your services (or less), as needed. It also means you’re 100% focused on their needs not nitpicking about them having reached the number of times they can call you this month.

Provide strategic guidance

Many companies are looking for CIO-level insights. Setting up monthly or quarterly business reviews to discuss technology needs/goals and performance is a great way to showcase the value you’re providing and establish yourself as a true partner in your client’s business.

These tips will help you show your clients and prospects the value you bring to their business as a trusted partner for their IT needs. To learn more tips and tricks for becoming a successful MSP, check out our eBook, How to Be an MSP.

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